Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Barbie and I were honestly jaded from all the fumes and hate in the megalopole. Therefore we decided to change shape and become animals.

Urban animals.

We wanted to get rid of the pressure of being human beings for a while.That's On that day we saw sites and heard sounds we'd never heard before. The experience was unbelievably rewarding. Here are some depictions of Barbara & myself quietly grazing under the last oblique streams of sunlight.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blue Hawaiian Therapy

I was feeling quite uneasy on Sunday. It had been a very unproductive weekend. Saturday night was horrible. Never seen so many ugly people under the same roof. Scary. I needed a break from routine but all I got was a sordid night.

I went for a walk with with my friend Vanessa. I had the intention of buying some computer consumables (blank CDs and DVDs).

Vanessa bought Moon Safari by Air. She'd never heard it. She's obviously been living isolated from society, having no access whatsoever to music or other forms of artistic expression. She becomes scared every time she leaves her bedroom. So I hope the evening worked out to be a therapeutic. She jumps at the idea of us getting mugged or assaulted, and dreads every time a man with shabby clothes approaches. We ended up talking about painful relationships over some delicious cocktails.